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Promotional Video for Marriage and Couples Therapy in Newport Beach

I just posted a new promotional video that I had created announcing my new location in Newport Beach California. In addition to providing marriage and couples therapy at this new location, I can also provide my services to people all over the world with Skypeâ„¢. It is my hope that I can help improve the lives of people all over by teaching them valuable techniques for anger and stress management.

If you would like to contact me, please feel free to call me at 714-745-1393.

I hope you enjoy the video below!

The AngerCoach on Skype: Get individual sessions at your convenience

The AngerCoach on SkypeOver the years, I have always tried to use technology to help offer my services to more people and in more convenient ways. For over a decade I made practical use of my website for this very reason. Once the technology became available , toll free number I made my anger management program available as an online course and I continued with my online marriage class. Continuing this tradition, I am happy to announce the ability to offer Skype conferences to all of my clients.

I recently relocated to the Newport Beach area in Southern California, but if you require anger management consultation or couples and marriage therapy, I can now offer these individualized services to anyone in the world. If you are seeking anger management consultation, treatment or marriage and couples therapy, then feel free to contact me at 714-745-1393 to schedule a Skype call.

I look forward to helping you!

Twitter Anger Tips and Updates

I have to admit that I thought twittering was some kind of perversion and pretty much a waste of time- until I actually checked it out. Now as see it as a marvelous communication and teaching tool for anger management. How can this technology help people their anger, you may ask? Not sure of all the answers to that question yet, but we can start by announcing that if you start following me on twitter several things happen. The first thing is that you become one of my tweeple :). As an anger coach tweeple person  you can just read what I write or you can start tweeting yourself.

(The next time you get angry, just read this blog about the tweeple people; that ought to take away 80% or so  of your anger right there)

To join my group and start following me,  go to

and clcik on the “follow” icon. (You may have to join Twitter first, if you are not already a member, but it is free).

By following me on twitter, you will get many short but extremely useful anger control tips plus instant updates on new programs, products an classes.
See you there

Dr Tony Fiore

Anger Coach Increasingly Influential on Web

Dr Tony Fiore announces that his company, The Anger Coach, is showing an increasing internet presence and saturation,according to recent statistics provided by and other search engine ranking sites. “It is gratifying to see the increase in usage of our site,” said Doctor Fiore. “Nearly 8000 new people are now visiting our site monthly,” including those reading our blog and learning from our new Anger Coach Radio Show podcasts.”

Cell Phone Use Increases Stress

From The American Institute Of Stress:

“One might think that cell phones would reduce stress by facilitating contacting someone in an emergency or transmitting time urgent information but a recent study suggests otherwise. A sociology professor who followed more than 1300 people found that those who regularly used cell phones or pagers “experienced an increase in psychological distress and a decrease in family satisfaction” compared to those who used these devices less often. No such effects were seen in others who regularly used e-mails.”

Anger Detection Software Now Available

Often, anger is communicated in non-verbal behaviors such as voice tone, voice energy, and voice volume. Now, they have developed software to detect the emotion of anger by analyzing one’s voice.

Reminds one of the computer HAL in Stanley Kubrick’s classic 2110: a Space Odyssey

As reported in Life Science, Sigard, a new software package developed by Sound Intelligence, can detect verbal aggression with a high level of accuracy.

Combined with closed circuit television systems, Sigard can quickly notify security personnel about loud, angry people in outdoor public spaces, public transportation, nightclubs and bars.

Here’s how it works. A single analysis computer accepts sensor input from a variety of locations. Once the software detects a verbally aggressive human voice, it activates the camera associated with that sensor, bringing it to a security guard’s attention. This helps cut down on the number of people needed to monitor CCTVs.

Sigard Sound Intelligence software imitates the way that humans deal with sound, splitting it into different frequencies with varying amounts of energy. Just as a person can immediately detect anger and aggression in the midst of background noise, Sound Intelligence software “listens” for the same parameters that humans use in detecting aggressive speech.