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The AngerCoach now offers its acclaimed and widely-accepted anger management program online. Dr. Fiore, a Ph.D. psychologist with over 35 years experience, developed this completely web-based program with the same content as in his local personal anger management classes. 

Many clients are unable to attend in-person classes due to busy schedules, or cannot find classes that are conveniently located near their work or home. AngerCoachOnline is perfect for anyone who needs an anger management program for personal development, to satisfy a court requirement, or to comply with workplace requirement. Couples can also take the course together and apply the eight tools of anger control to their relationship or marriage.

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The Core 10-hour Class includes:

  • Detailed instructions
  • Comprehensive class based on “Anger Management for the Twenty-First Century”by Dr Tony Fiore and Dr. Ari Novick
  • New Videos recently added to explain concepts and enhance your online learning experience
  • Downloadable Survival Guide for dealing with angry people
  • Online examination
  • Downloadable proof of enrollment
  • Many short and fun quizzes to give you feedback on your progress in learning the material
  • Certificate of Completion mailed to you FREE
  • Free Ebook of material after course completion (a $24.95 value) 
  • Satisfaction guaranteed*
  • More information about our 10-hour class
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Anger Management In Action: Relationship Blowups Can Be Costly

Conflict 10“Dr. Fiore,” the voice on the phone pleaded, “I need anger management classes right away. I blew up at my girlfriend last night and she said it’s over until I get help”.

As Kevin recounted the first night of anger management class, he and his girlfriend had argued in the car over which route to take home from a party. Events progressed from mild irritation, to yelling and name calling.

Things escalated at home. He tried to escape, but she followed him from room to room, demanding resolution of the conflict. He became angry, defensive and intimidating. he had not yet learned anger management skills.

Frightened, she left. Later, she left an anguished message saying that she loved him, but couldn’t deal with his angry, hurtful outbursts.

Kevin said that he normally is a very “nice” and friendly person. But, on this occasion, his girlfriend had been drinking before the party. In his view, she was irrational, and non-stop in criticism. He tried oxiracetam to reason with her, but it just made things worse. Finally, as Kevin saw things, in desperation he “lost it” and became enraged.

How should Kevin have handled this situation? What could he have done differently? What anger management skills would have helped? What actions should you take in similar situations?

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Anger Coach Online Now has 16-Hour Class

Our New 16-Hour distance learning program is now available.

This should be great news for persons who are unable to attend live classes and need up to 16 hours credit for court, the workplace, or personal growth.

The sixteen hour class contains all the content of the 10-hour core program (including videos) but adds six more hours of content for those who want a more comprehensive class with an additional fifty skills and skill builders. These skills and skill builders teach you specifically how to apply the eight tools of anger control to numerous situations such as dealing with relationship anger, family anger, workplace stress, and road rage.

For instance, in this expanded program, we teach you how to deal with critics, how to be less judgmental, how an attitude of gratitude can decrease your anger, how to be a peacemaker, specific thought habits to practice to decrease anger, or how to make an apology to someone so that it is accepted.

For those that are court-required to take anger management, this expanded program qualifies for those who need a 12, 14 or 16 hour class. To get class credit, you do have to pass a 50-item True and False test at the end of the course. The online program immediately tells you if you passed or not. Don’t worry! You can review the material and then take the test as many times as necessary until you pass with 70% correct answers.

Online Quizzes as part of the class.

Almost every chapter ends with a short quiz designed to give you feedback on how well you are learning the chapter material. You do not have to pass these quizzes to achieve class credit. They are built into the program to help you learn. If you do not pass the quiz, you can return to that chapter to review the material and then re-take the quiz, if you would like.

Certificates of Completion: Immediately upon completion and passing the final test you can download and print a certificate of completion that verifies you have completed a 16-hour anger management course. We will also send you a hard-copy of the certificate in regular mail within 7 days. If you need it faster, you can pay extra for quicker shipment.

Bonus Report and E-Books

As is the case in our core program,  you can download a free report titled “Survival Guide for Dealing With Angry People”. Part 1 of this report gives you eight tips to deal with explosive persons who confront you in order to defuse particularly dangerous situations. Part 2 gives you tips on how to deal with people in your life who are chronically angry toward you.

On completion of the course, you can download a free copy of the 103-page book and workbook on which this course is based: “Anger Management for the Twenty-First Century.” This is for your future reference to refresh your memory about the eight tools of anger control and how to apply them to your life.

As a special bonus for purchasers of the 16-hour class, you get a Free download of a very useful and practical 101-page ebook: “Anger Management Student Manual- Practical Life Skills for All Age” (A $29.95 value). This ebook has 18 chapters and has much additional content such as:

  • Ten thinking tips to deal with stress at any age
  • Developing none empathy skills to be less angry
  • Seven tips to legally get high – emotionally that is!
  • Twelve powerful ways to talk to yourself when angry
  • Ten steps to communicate assertively to almost everyone in your life
  • Seven proven ways to handle your disappointments
  • Five ways to forgive and accept wrongs by others
  • Cool off quickly by remembering eleven key things

Coupon for Discount for Online Marriage Education Class. Purchasers of the 16-hour class receive a coupon for $50 to apply toward purchase of our new online marriage education class which applies the eight tools of anger control specifically to marriages or other intimate relationships. You can use the coupon for yourself, your partner, or friend.

Based on marital research, clinical and personal experience, and new concepts and research from a branch of psychology called “positive psychology”, our innovative program teaches you the eight tools needed to build a positive marriage – and the practical skills you will need to apply them to your marriage (or relationship) – from the convenience of your home or office computer.

Many clients are unable to attend in-person sessions due to busy schedules, or cannot find a therapist or programs that are conveniently located near their work or home. Marriage Class Online is perfect for anyone who needs a completely self-paced internet-based Marriage Enrichment /Education program. This includes:

  • Pre-married couples who want to work out relationship issues before taking the final step.
  • Young married (or cohabiting) couples who have too much conflict and want to improve things before their relationship deteriorates further.
  • Long-term married people who may be on the verge of divorce, but want to try every possible avenue of help first.
  • Individuals in a relationship that has already “split” but they want to personally improve either to try and restore their marriage, or to better prepare themselves for the next relationship.

Anger Coach Course Has Been Accepted

The Anger Coach has produced an online distance learning program for substance abuse professional training called “Core Anger Management Skills for the Substance Abuse Professional.” The course has been accepted by the Distance Learning Center for Addiction Studies (DLCAS) which is an internet based educational service that provides comprehensive training and information in the field of addiction studies. Completion of this course will grant 4 hours credit to enrollees toward licensure or relicensure and is approved by the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors, The National Board of Certified Counselors, The American Psychological Association, and all major state licensure/certification boards. More information at:

Reduce Anger While Earning Income

Anger Coach Online, the distance learning program of the Anger Coach, now offers a new Refer a Friend program designed as a win-win proposal for all concerned. Those who refer earn $75 per course while the new client gets a $5 discount on his enrollment fee. You can refer as many people as you like. The program is free to join. Referrals can be made placing a banner or text link on your website. No website? No problem. Simply give your friends a unique referral code which they can use when they sign-up.

Often angry people are angry partly because they are reacting to other angry people in their lives.  By helping them become less angry, you may also be helping yourself by creating a more peaceful environment -  and earning  money in the process.

Anger Coach Online allows people to learn anger management tools and skills from the privacy an convenience of their home, without having to drive to anger management classes.
Details and free sign-up at:

Dr Fiore to present free webinar

Dr. Tony Fiore, The Anger Coach, has partnered with The Self Help School to teach the eight tools of anger control in a distance learning format. Beginning Thursday, October 30, 2008 with a free introduction of how to apply the eight tools of anger control at home and at work, Dr. Fiore will then present weekly classes in a viritual classroom format. This means that participants can take the WEBINAR from the privacy of their own computer while interacting with Dr. Fiore. Email support plus many free downloads (including Dr. Fiore’s new student manual “Anger Management.Practical life skills for all ages“) will be available. The webinars will also be taped so students can watch them at a later date. More information and sign-up by clicking here.

Anger Coach Online Now Provides Ebook of Course Material

Anger Coach Online, the popular distance learning program of The Anger Coach now offers a free ebook of the course material, once the online course is completed. This is in response to many requests for the program by persons who had completed it, but then had no way to review the material at a later date. The ebook can be downloaded immediately after completion from the website, according to Dr Tony Fiore. All that is required to access it is a pdf reader which is automatically installed on many computers. If not, the reader can easily be installed at  no cost from adobe. Details of the 10-hour online program at